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Monday, 11 April 2011

Fabulous news...

Combining the totals of HugBinders, Joyce's Pie and Pies night and BIC's soup lunch, we have now gone over the £4000 mark - all going to the wonderful charity MacMillan!! 

a bit removed from the £500 we hoped to raise when we started this malarky!!

Thank you EVERYBODY who was involved in someway however great all small, everyones contribution mattered!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And still it comes in..

Today another memeber of Docrafts held a HugBinders fundraising event in aid of MacMillan -
The lovely Jeanette - known as Black Isle Crafter (or BIC as I like to call her) held a 'Soup Lunch' and what a 'Souper' amount she raised of £300.80!!

Well Done BIC, a superb amount raised after alot of hard work


Friday, 11 March 2011


We have a total raised!!  Wait for it...........................

£2197.33 !!

Thank you everybody to helped to make this madcap idea a stunning success

We still have a few pounds rolling in, plus we have some crafty goodies to sell, which will be via Ebay - I'll let you know when they are online and via a Carboot sale - All proceeds will of course be donated to MacMillan.

and a special Thank You must also go to Joyce Mc who held a separate event up in Bonny Scotland

her Pie, Pea and Bingo Night raised a staggering 


also for MacMillan

So between us all, didnt we do well!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Well the Day arrived.....

and after months of planning the day passed very quickly - but wow what a wonderful day it was. 
Full of fun and laughter and glorious crafty chatter.
Yesterday was 'HugBinders Day' - who would have thought back in October when Lynn and I had a germ of an idea, it would snowball so quickly and so wonderfully and become the success it has turned to be.
How we can ever begin to thank everybody who contributed in so many different ways and so many different levels I don't know - but yesterday was proof that we can all make a difference. 

We cant announce yet quite how much money we have raised - there is a little more to come in and a few expenses to take out - as soon as we know we will announce it - what we can promise you though is that you wont be disappointed - neither will Macmillan! 

What is maybe even more important is the love and friendship that made this event possible -  
 after all - is there greater friendship than Nicks, Lynn and Debs still loving Bev even though she won Fuchsias much coveted mirror!

a selection of completed books

dont they look fab !!

and what is better than sharing a Fish and Chip Supper and a Glass of wine with friends after a busy day?

and finally.......

The Books and Raffle Prizes ready packaged and addressed ready to be posted out tomorrow!!

Thank you everybody xx

Let's hear it for the boys!

The men in action - our Hugbinders Action Men!

Gents, we are truly charmed and very grateful, YOU ROCK xxxxx

RALPH -how did you escape my camera all day?  Ralph, witty and charming and the invisible man, the silent weapon and sharper with the camera than I, I guess Ralph was the SAS of the day and "The Sniper"

Ian, the strong quiet one and lethal with the lens -
"Mr Hotshot"

Garry - always with a ready smile and giggle "Mr Sunshine"


Matt, the man who can, he made things happen with charm and a cheery whistle, "A.K.A 007"

Rob, the pony tailed cool dude caught milking this hug - "Robbin' the Hug"

'It's alright' Alan, cool, calm, the king of understatments and unflappable - "Mr Cool"

L-R  Mr Sunshine, Sid - Mr Suave, Mr Cool and Robbin' the Hug.

"And they think it's all over - well it is now!" 
Removing the evidence, Keith, jolly, cheery, Keith - Jan Tinks OH
he is a bit of a tinker who is and always will be "Mr Tinks"

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

Capturing moments

What a fabulous day!

Thanks gents for looking after the ladies so well.

A picture paints a thousand words and here are a few moments captured on the day.
There were lots of camera's and official photographers there, I was trying to get pictures of the men in action but a lot of them didn't turn out - photography is a true talent and skill, I am just a snapshotter!

Luncheon is served!

'Healthy' afternoon snacks to keep energy levels up!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hot Off The Press...

Katherine T, Sparkles and little ol' me have spent the day collating all the pages ready for the BIG day.. which is now only 4 sleeps away!!

We have made up the first book - here it is - hot off the press!

the pages ready to be sorted...............