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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Well the Day arrived.....

and after months of planning the day passed very quickly - but wow what a wonderful day it was. 
Full of fun and laughter and glorious crafty chatter.
Yesterday was 'HugBinders Day' - who would have thought back in October when Lynn and I had a germ of an idea, it would snowball so quickly and so wonderfully and become the success it has turned to be.
How we can ever begin to thank everybody who contributed in so many different ways and so many different levels I don't know - but yesterday was proof that we can all make a difference. 

We cant announce yet quite how much money we have raised - there is a little more to come in and a few expenses to take out - as soon as we know we will announce it - what we can promise you though is that you wont be disappointed - neither will Macmillan! 

What is maybe even more important is the love and friendship that made this event possible -  
 after all - is there greater friendship than Nicks, Lynn and Debs still loving Bev even though she won Fuchsias much coveted mirror!

a selection of completed books

dont they look fab !!

and what is better than sharing a Fish and Chip Supper and a Glass of wine with friends after a busy day?

and finally.......

The Books and Raffle Prizes ready packaged and addressed ready to be posted out tomorrow!!

Thank you everybody xx


  1. Barbara Gaskell6 March 2011 at 09:04

    FAB.....FAB.....FAB.....what an amazing day it must have been, sharing time with crafty friends to make something quite unique and at the same time raising funds for a very worthwhile cause.It looks like you all had a great time and I'm getting really excited at the prospect of getting one of the books.Well done everyone.x

  2. Well done, it all looks great fun and what wonderful book covers. Hoping you are not too tired today.

  3. hi Fuchsia, what a great name for your craftgroup, looks like you had a brilliant time, the books look fab! Fiona_k (DC)

  4. Oh Fiona!
    I think you need to read what is Hugbinders at the top of the page


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