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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Wow only six sleeps! How exciting!
I have been making some samplers of covers with a few techniques and destruction sheets - but I cannnot show you as they are for the day and I don't want to spoil it for the Hugbinders in attendance.  I have done 7 sample covers - I was aiming for 10 but 2 ended up as bin fodder and one just didn't get made, it ran away in the night! lol

Hugbinders - don't forget if you have any particular stamps you want to use to bring them with you, if you are as forgetful as I am then I why am I reminding you?!  I believe that Angel policy is not applicable here as you are using them in unique works and not mass production copying.

Can't wait for Hugbinders day and to see the book covers that the Hugbinders make, six sleeps... if I can sleep for excitement!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Two weeks today and...

we will hopefully be tucking into our well deserved Fish and Chips after working very hard at the workshop and preparing 60 books (still time to order if you want one but be quick!)

Another  wonderful prize was donated today from Cutting Edge Crafts It is a concertina type plastic box filled with things like brads, stamp pads, brass stencils, a punch, embossing tool, peel offs and stickers, ribbons, card blanks etc plus some Creativity Magazines

Remember you have to be in it to win it so buy your tickets today! Email us for details of where to send your cash for this wonderful charity

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Time is speeding by!

only 18 sleeps to go and its all coming together nicely!
yet more prizes coming in for the raffle -

A beautiful hand crafted Scarf and Corsage/brooch from Trica Fojit
A set of Promarkers
Loads of stuff from Bubbles and Westie
A gorgeous mirror from Fuchsia (its on her blog - take a look!)
A Matroyskha Doll handmade by Margaret Field - Click here to see her fab stuff in her shop

and a bit of old tat from me - Nicks 

Thank You everyone!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

23 days to go and Prepping

Time is flying past, I cant believe its only 23 days to go... well actually in 23 days we will now be finishing up and  washing our hands in readiness for our well deserved glass of wine and plate of fish and chips, so really its only 22 days to go!

Today has been spent with Katherine and Beryl prepping some stuff for the big day... we had alot of fun today with just the three of us, so that fun has got to be multiplied several times over when the whole workshop are together!

You can tell from the photos that we had alot of inky fun trying out a few techniques  .... this was after the main job of cutting, punching and rounding 100 covers

Beryl's space after an hour

But she has messy hands!!

Katherine's space after 10 mins

But she has clean hands

and err..... Nicks space....

Monday, 7 February 2011

26 days to go...

and still people are being great!!

First of all Sparkles herself has made this beautiful wreath for the raffle

and then a lady who reads Docrafts but doesn't often post, emailed me and said would we like some stash to either use at the work shop or sell/raffle... would we?? of course we would! Her husband kindly drove her across town to drop it off today - a big lovely box full of lovely stash - Thank you Carol!

and then, off I go to pick DS up from school and another friend Mags -who has helped us in so many ways already_ gave me a HUGE box full of stuff, some of which we will be putting on Ebay and selling in aid of Macmillan, so you can all have a fair crack of the whip!

I'll let you know when it is on sale!

Pages are flooding in and I have spent the day copying/cropping and Cinching them. 
And a final NEWSFLASH..
I have finished mine!

More news soon... can you tell we are getting excited about the day??

Sunday, 6 February 2011

only 27 days to go....

time has sped by!!
Pages are coming in, money is coming in and yet more fabulous prizes are coming in, its all getting very exciting!!

Look at this wonderful wall hanging made and donated by Lesley aka Dragon lady!

and a set of beautiful bespoke notelets

we have also had a very generous donation of a set of 
from CarolAnn


£30 Voucher donated by 

AND .... yep more!!

a £50 HobbyCraft Voucher 
from Mrs J Skinner

Thank you Everybody!!


email us for more details .