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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hugbinders example page

Example page
Simple inkwork - stamping and lettering.

I have had several queries about what to do and what not to do.
Simply follow the instructions that Nicks has issued on this Hugbinders blog. Anything goes as long as it can be scanned and does not empty a reservoir of toner per page!
A critical look at this page sees the border is on the heavy side and it could be produced again with not quite so much border, less is more! It does look on the heavy side - and I did it! lol
Angel Policy and stamps - check on the Hugbinders blog and DC Chitchat sticky for updates for the companies that give permission for their stamps to be used for this purpose - i.e copying, printing and selling over the internet. The stamps used in this page are by companies that have given their kind permission to do this. There will be an acknowledgement to those companies. If you are not sure then don't use your stamps - simple. Nicks has produced a letter which can be used to contact your favoured stamp designer to ask for permission - do check on the DC message and Hugbinders first as they may already have given permission.

I hope this has helped to give you some vision and got you off the starting block and over the blank page syndrome - have fun with your creativity xxx

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